Daily Bread


From beneath the rounded rock came a stare; a marveling at its glow.

As each day brings forth its new appearance, the light ebbs, and flows.
The darkness shrinks and it grows.

Then comes the night when all is quiet.

All is without shape or form.
And the loved have dry wood for bone.

Time is a thing not known.

The love calls out into emptiness with only an echo calling back.

The axis turns. The swaddling band protects.
The chords of Orion held. The water recedes.

From beneath the rounded rock came a stare; a marveling at its glow.



I wade out into the water; turn onto my back and allow myself to float.
My hair spreads out like roots around me.
No splash.
No wave to rock me.
Here is stillness.

What is a day, but the hour?

Hyssop rises with its rich fragrance seeping into me.
No song.
No melody.
My sacrifice, a broken spirit.

I blink away the river water that has reached the corners of my eyes.
Studying each piece of the omnipotent sky
my chest tightens.
I take in one deep, long breath
and allow myself to surrender to the weight of the river.
Finally, my back knocks against the bed.
My arms drop slowly.


What is an hour, but the moment?

A heartbeat plays in my head.
A booming so loud it awakens me.
I see the babe.
Her round cheeks – closed eyes.
Her neck cradled by the one who begins.
Atonement pours into my lungs, fills my chest
it rises above me, pulling me to the top of the water.
I study each piece of the omnipotent sky.
I let the water fall from the corners of my eyes.
Vows drip from my lips.
My acceptance, your assurance, I now can breathe.

This is sacred, this is us.




I’ve no compassion for you.
For a day came when my night was ever bright.
My sorrows, my worries, my grief grew wide enough
and tall enough and high enough to consume every bit of me.
There is no friend for the brokenhearted.
For all look for one to take away their own.

I’m no companion for you.
This hand is not meant for hosting.
No gathering wanted at Paran.
While truth may bring freedom,
it’s hardly ever where one willingly roams.
With no words to comfort you,
with no ear for your moans,
a retreat is well on its way.

I’m no condensation for you.
Those clouds have come to encircle me.
Oh great night, alas may you swallow me.
Let my eyes be covered with thick soot.
Let my weakness complete me.
Let ash be to ash.


To the east and west, I gaze.
Cold wind drifts across my face.
I pull my wool closer to my body.
My feet exposed to the dirt.
I can faintly feel his nearness.
How can one simultaneously feel so near, yet so distant?
My eyes search the valley.
Come for me, my love.

I picture you there, your smile of grace.
As you move near, I can smell your fragrant robes –
sweet spices that flood my mind with the remembrance
that I never need to fear death.
For freedom from it stands before me.
You stretch out your hands and in them, you clasp my head.
I bow my head onto your chest and a kiss saturates into me.
With a deep breath, my eyes release to the dry, cracked earth.

I drop to my knees
My wool rustles in the wind.
My face falls to the sand.
Wet pools form from my tears.
How long I’ve waited.
How long I’ve wanted.

As the wind dies down, I fall silent.
I give in and roll over,
my shoulders pressing into the earth.
I gaze up to those thick clouds,
Letting my desire of your presence sink in.
The clouds begin to release rain
And I let my eyes find the darkness of my lids.
Truly, you have held this bruised reed.




Goat and Grain


You built your kingdom for you.
Out of your vanity did you bring about prosperity.
Advice you sought from fools.
Without order, you roam.
You ate fat off the portion given to Bezalel
Tearing skin off the people, you clothed yourself.
Your kingdom you built for you.

He has forgotten his fold.
She has been scattered.
They were harassed and helpless.
Finding shelter in an empty space,
Their minds did wander in multitude.
Alone now are we.
Your kingdom you built for you.

With a heavy hand, you have ruled.
Passionate anger was sure to find you.
An anxiousness sought diligently.
In weeping, your children have gone out from you.
Now injustice is upon your lips?
You rise to speak.
How the echo of oneself soothes the wicked.
“Now there is my earnings.”
Your kingdom you built for you.

Consider well the highway.
Find the steady posts you made.
Let it lead you to the rock and sand.
Come up beyond the brush,
To the waiting ravine.
See now that the earth will yield its fruit.
Hear the tender words I have for you.
An offering beyond that of goat and grain
Has laid his life down for your gain.
The kingdom awaits for you.


How Long?


How long?

My beloved,
It’s not about
whether you understand.
You can’t.
May you have strength
to choose love,
when an opportunity to
is revealed.
Chose to draw the line,
Take the stand.
But it won’t be
for the sake of your understanding.

How long will they endure?
With hard beds,
nothing but dried bread
words of violence
slung upon their heads.
What is this?
How can I be patient
when the flames are at their feet?

Sometimes, the peace isn’t yours to claim.
Victory won’t be upon your head,
nor will it raise the cup of joy.
This isn’t a conquering, but a long suppressed leveling.

How long will I bite my tongue
when ignorance has passed to his son?
This land has been drunk
and my hands now too idle to wait on.
How long?

When the heat of injustice boils deep enough and long enough,
When the time for hate is long overdue,
May courage find you.
You can’t lead what you haven’t known.
Remember, this one isn’t for you.
But, when the anger of love comes for its demand,
do not withhold your stand.


When the day is done and the sun is turning in.

When the harvest is stored and the soil sleeps.

When the water is still and the creatures lay low.

When the fire is lit and the door has shut.

When my hair is combed and new clothes on.

When the night has settled in and my breathing is the loudest thing.

Who will you be to me,

and I to you?