Goat and Grain

You built your kingdom for you.
Out of your vanity did you bring about prosperity.
Advice you sought from fools.
Without order, you roam.
You ate fat off the portion given to Bezalel
Tearing skin off the people, you clothed yourself.
Your kingdom you built for you.

He has forgotten his fold.
She has been scattered.
They were harassed and helpless.
Finding shelter in an empty space,
Their minds did wander in multitude.
Alone now are we.
Your kingdom you built for you.

With a heavy hand you have ruled.
Passionate anger was sure to find you.
An anxiousness sought diligently.
In weeping, your children have gone out from you.
Now injustice is upon your lips?
You rise to speak.
How the echo of oneself soothes the wicked.
“Now there is my earnings.”
Your kingdom you built for you.

Consider well the highway.
Find the steady posts you made.
Let it lead you among the rock and sand.
Come up beyond the brush,
To the waiting ravine.
See now that the earth will yield its fruit.
Hear the tender words I have for you.
An offering beyond that of goat and grain
Has laid his life down for your gain.
The kingdom awaits for you.



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