To the east and west I gaze.
Cold wind drifts across my face.
I pull my wool closer to my body.
My feet exposed to the dirt.
I can faintly feel his nearness.
How can one simultaneously feel so near, yet so distant?
My eyes search the valley.
Come for me, my love.

I picture you there, your smile of grace melts my bitter heart.
As you move near, I can smell your fragrant robes –
sweet spices that flood my mind with the remembrance
that I never need to fear death.
For freedom from it, stands before me.
You stretch out your hands and in them, you clasp my head.
I bow my head onto your chest and a kiss saturates into me.

With a deep breath, my eyes release to the dry, cracked desert.
I drop to my knees
My wool rustles in the wind.
My face falls to the dirt.
Wet pools form from my tears.
How long I’ve waited.
How long I’ve wanted.

As the wind dies down, I fall silent.
I give in and roll over,
my shoulders pressing into the earth.
I gaze up to those thick clouds,
Letting my desire of your presence sink in.

The clouds begin to release rain
And I let my eyes find the darkness of my lids.
Truly, you have held this bruised reed.




Version 2    




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