I’ve no compassion for you.
For a day came when my night was ever bright.
My sorrows, my worries, my grief grew wide enough
and tall enough and high enough to consume every bit of me.
There is no friend for the brokenhearted.
For all look for one to take away their own.

I’m no companion for you.
This hand is not meant for hosting.
No gathering wanted at Paran.
While truth may bring freedom,
It’s hardly ever where one willingly roams.
With no words to comfort you,
With no ear for your moans,
A retreat is well on its way.

I’m no condensation for you.
Those clouds have come to encircle me.
Oh great night, alas may you swallow me.
Let my eyes be covered with thick soot.
Let my weakness complete me.
Let ash be to ash.



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